FSC Co., Ltd. introduces and imports overseas products to Japan, and accepts orders for planning, development and production of various peripheral equipment OEMs or ODMs.

Since its establishment as a general trading company in 2003, it has been importing overseas products, as well as various cables and charging equipment, small light bulbs such as krypton bulbs, mini-ref light bulbs, LED bulbs, audio-related products such as earphones, mini speakers, and music media, and consumption. We have also carried out OEM / ODM of household goods such as, smartphone peripherals, game peripherals (PS4 / Switch / new2DSLL / PS Vita), and other personal computer peripherals.

In addition, by establishing a branch office in China, we have strengthened our cooperation with local production sites thus being able to provide high-quality and timely services that other companies struggle with, such as large-scale home appliance mass retailers, large-scale retailers, and major vendors.  Over the years, this has helped us to earn the trust of many customers. We established an assembly factory in China in April 2013 followed by an AC factory in June 2013.

We also handle various licensee products such as MFi certified (Made for iPhone) products, JFA certified (Japan national football team licensee) products, Nintendo licensee products, and SONY licensee products.

Trade name FSC Co., Ltd.
Established July 2003
Capital 50 million yen
Representative Director Kyu Hiroyama
Annual sales (previous term) 1.1 billion yen
Number of employees 43 (Headquarters [Japan] 13, Branch office [China] 30)
Address [Japan Headquarters]
6-2-29 Omorikita, Ota-ku, Tokyo FSC Building
[China branch]
No. 23, 4th floor, Koei Village, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
Main bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Omori Branch
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Oimachi Branch
Mizuho Bank Oimachi Branch
Business description Import / introduction and wholesale of overseas products
Peripherals of various genres OEM / ODM
(Contract / Planning / Development / Production)
Affiliated company Packaging inspection factory [China branch office]
Charger factory [China branch office]
Logistics warehouse [Shiga Prefecture]
Main customers Amazon Japan Co., Ltd., Tokyo Tower Co., Ltd., Ceria Co., Ltd.,
K's Holdings Corp., SoftBank BB Corp.,
Don Quijote Co., Ltd., PALTAC Co., Ltd., Isetan Mitsukoshi Co., Ltd.,
Yodobashi Camera Co., Ltd., Lawson Store 100 Co., Ltd., and so on.

Corporate history

2003 Initially established in 2003 with one employee and one trading company
2004 Annual sales of 100 million
2007 Achieved annual sales of 300 million
2007 EC business launched
2010 Moved to the current location
2013 Established China Assembly Factory
2013 Established China Charger Factory
2018 Achieved 1 billion annual sales in 2018

Company policy

In our business, we emphasize speed, quality, delivery schedule, by developing products with ideas, challenges, and uniqueness as keywords. We aim to provide services and products that other companies do not have to trading companies and end users.
Within the company, we strive to share information and experience, cooperate as a team of all employees, and aim for a corporate culture that improves while giving ideas.
At work, we promote a healthy work life balance where it is understood that a happy and healthy home life is a necessary balance for a productive and efficient work file. We also support diversity within the workplace and also encourage employees to be active in their respective communities outside of work.

Introduction of China branch

The China branch office is located in Dalang, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, which is easily accessible to each factory area. It provides a series of operations necessary for product production sites such as production management, inspection (instruction / work), product development, and shipping schedule management. This is done by the staff of the China branch office, rather than leaving it to an external company or the factory itself.

The staff of the China branch are all talented staff hired locally and trained by Japan.
Among the staff, there are three people who studied Japanese at Japanese university and not only can speak Japanese but also understand the Japanese culture and way of thinking about Products & Quality, this being absolutely essential for working with our Japanese Customers.

As well as these Japanese speakers, we also have 2 English Speakers, who can help bridge the gap with the Japanese side. Among the staff we also have experts who can design the molds that are key to product production allowing us to quickly respond to fine tuning of products.

In addition, we also engage in active content work such as product development and product proposals initiated from the Chinese branch side. We are always active by thinking about product planning from two perspectives, internal (client) and external (FSC). We are very satisfied with our clients.

In summary, we believe that through our dedicated and quality Chinese Staff, we can provide "high quality business services" that other companies do not have.

Example of handling products

We have a wide variety of lineups as described above.

TEL:03-5753-223803-5753-2238 / FAX:03-5753-2237